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Established in 1987, the RTD Group of small enterprises continues to provide quality products and services to both industry and the wider consumer. Now celebrating over 25 years leading activity in the small business sector.

RTD Group of small enterprises: Tracking operations, tactical and industrial operational carry systems production, mountaineering and rope access equipment and training consultancy.

All products, whether designed and manufactured here or out-sourced from International suppliers enter a rigorous testing and evaluation programme to ensure that the design is role-specific and meets the needs of the client.

In addition, we try to ensure that all equipment is robust enough to be able to attain a performance rating relevant to the environment, be it a commercial or tactical deployment.

Our operational Intervention 'Tracking' service is continually assessed to ensure that it meets the requirements of the corporate, public and voluntary sectors.

So whatever your needs, be they personal or corporate, the RTD Group of small enterprises is there to engage with your ideas, respond to your needs and to meet the challenges.

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